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Eat All The Nutella All The Time At The New Nutella Café in NYC

Photo: Alice Day / EyeEm (Getty Images)

Nutella is one of those things that everyone loves (well, everyone except Chrissy Teigen). Any mention of that familiar tub of chocolate-flavored goo and the internet goes nuts. (No pun intended.) It’s the perfect accompaniment for bananas, toast, crepes, or in heaping hazelnut spoonfuls after a bad breakup.

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But is that affinity enough to warrant an entire restaurant? The popular chocolatier Ferrero, who also brought us the beloved gold-wrapped balls bursting with chocolate and hazelnut, certainly thinks so. Since chocolate and hazelnut are kind of their thing, who are we to judge?

They successfully launched this concept in Chicago back in May of 2017, and on Nov. 14, a sprawling 2,200-square-foot café and coffee bar near Union Square officially opened its doors in New York City.

The Big Apple is no stranger to single concept eateries with a string of gimmicky pop-ups like the Kellogg’s Cereal Bar and Cheetos Restaurant. Burger guru Alvin Cailan even brought Bob’s Burgers to life at Chef’s Counter in SoHo with his week-long homage to some of the TV show’s most inventive creations. But betting on burgers is always a good idea. Will the masses flock for Ferrero, too?

If opening day was any indication, with over 100 people lined up to get their hands on Nutella-inspired goodies, the café is off to a promising start.

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Some of the menu items include a gelato brioche, consisting of two caramelized brioche buns piled high with a generous helping of their Nutella Gelato; a panzanella fruit salad with cubed pieces of pound cake and mixed berries, drizzled with Nutella; and grilled banana bread topped with sliced bananas and toasted hazelnuts. The café also boasts specialty coffee and espresso beverages literally frothed with Nutella foam.

We’ll see how this second location fares after the initial buzz dies down. Until then, we’ll be fantasizing about an all-Skittles spot over a plate of Nutella pizza with mascarpone-filled crust. We’re only human.


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