Can Someone Tell Me Why In The Hell McDonald’s Has A New ‘Nutella Burger’?

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Listen, Americans love stuffing their face with fast food. I mean, some dude in Arizona actually pulled over at an In-N-Out while being chase by cops. And this woman completely lost her mind when she learned the Subway that she at was out of meatballs subs. So obviously we love food, which is why we are gross and overweight.

But can someone please explain to me why McDonald’s has decided to cover their burger buns in Nutella? I’m serious. Someone please explain this to me because I’m completely lost (as usual).


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This bizarre and gross burger is happening in Italy, and they are calling it their “Sweety with Nutella” burger. Oh God. “Get a soft sweetness which you cannot resist. Try sweety with Nutella: soft bread with a heart of creamy sweet nutella!” they explain.


Photo: Facebook

And this person on Twitter probably feels the same way the majority of people feel about this new terrible creation.


Although, since we are disgusting Americans it is only a matter of time until we see this in America with “extra Nutella.”

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