North Carolina Restaurant Is Actually Selling A ‘Tarantula Burger’

Photo: davemhuntphotography (Getty Images)

Do you know what sounds gross to me? A burger that is cooked medium-rare. Do you know what sounds a tad more gross than that? A burger that is cooked and placed under an oven-roasted spider. And the latter is exactly what one restaurant is doing.

According to UPI, Bull City Burger and Brewery recently announced its sixth annual Exotic Meat Month. And what the hell is that? Well essentially a bunch of animals ranging from iguanas to turtles to alligators to insects and more are included on their menu. Including a special tarantula challenge.

And this is what that “tarantula burger” looks like:

Holy hell, why?


The restaurant said customers can enter their names in a “tarantula raffle” to be one of the lucky few to take the “tarantula challenge.” Customers whose names are drawn must watch the eatery’s website, Facebook and Twitter accounts so they know when to claim their $30 tarantula burger. The winning customers must contact the restaurant to claim their burgers within 48 hours.

Oh, and anyone who finishes this spider burger gets that shirt you see above. The type of shirt that will get destroyed after one wash, and the same shirt that lets others know that stuffing your face with food is a passion of yours.

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I’m not a fan of tarantulas, but it’s a bit baffling that a restaurant would market and invite people to come on down to eat a bunch of these animals. Then again, I’m sure the line will go around the business in order to get a taste of a tarantula or an iguana.