Bird-Eating Tarantula Found In Box On Street So Good Luck Sleeping

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/George Chernilevsky

Being in NYC, the worst thing I can expect to run into on the street is a massive rat, a diseased pigeon or someone who is very eager to mug me — all common occurrences. But to come across a giant tarantula? No thanks. But that’s what happened to someone out in Leicester.

The bird-eating tarantula was found abandoned in a box on a residential street. The spider, which can grow to a leg span of ten inches, was found in a plastic box. Yes, ten inches. The passer-by who found the spider was scared enough to call RSPCA, who quickly came to rescue it.

Here it is:

Photo: RSPCA

Photo: RSPCA

Gross. The spider is known as the Brazilian salmon pink bird-eating tarantula. This thing not only eats birds, but also frogs, mice and even lizards. And probably humans eventually because all spiders will devour humans soon. But also know that this spider can actually blind humans with its venom. So that’s comforting.

Here’s what RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Steve Smith had to say about the spider, which happens to be the third largest species of tarantula in the world:

“Luckily we have found someone who has taken the spider on, so the spider will now live the rest of their life being looked after properly. We are concerned that someone abandoned a spider in the street like this. These tarantulas live in a warm and humid environment in the wild and need the same provided in captivity, to meet their needs and keep them healthy.

It is likely that the spider was an unwanted pet which someone decided to dispose of for whatever reason. We would recommend that anyone interested in keeping a tarantula as a pet thoroughly research the particular species’ needs carefully first before deciding to get one, so they know what is involved and how long it is likely to be for.”

And here’s a Brazilian salmon pink bird-eating tarantula in action:

Rest easy tonight.

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