So A Dog Found An Intact Penis And Testicles On The Beach

Photo: cynoclub (Getty)

When I used to have a dog the weirdest thing he ever picked up while on a walk was a chicken bone — a chicken bone he refused to let go. That’s it, that’s the weirdest thing. Has your dog found something stranger? Chances are it’s not as weird as what Julie Edwards’ dog found.

Edwards was walking her basset hound Molly on Brean Beach in Somerset when Molly picked up what Edwards at first thought was a dead bird. Yeah, not exactly. Edwards quickly learned that her dog was holding on to some dude’s intact penis and testicles.

So A Dog Found An Intact Penis And Testicles On The Beach

Edwards of course reached out to the beach warden who contacted police. Somerset Police have yet to identify it, but Edwards is still convinced it is some dude’s wang and jewels. Here’s what Edwards had to say to Somerset Live:

“I could see she [Molly] was about to roll something around. It is usually maggots or birds but I stopped her and saw it wasn’t that at all. It definitely looked human to me. I think it was an intact penis and male testicles.  It was upsetting more later on when you actually think that’s it could be someone’s relative.”

If it is human, I’m just curious as to how in the hell it got on the beach. Then again, it could just be some animal’s parts. Regardless, there is one dude or one animal completely bummed out somewhere in Somerset.

h/t Metro

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