Weird News of the Day: Brain Found on Wisconsin Beach, Surprisingly Not Made of Cheese But Likely Belongs to Certain Politician

Strange things wash up on beaches all over the world all the time…but this one is a real head-scratcher. A Wisconsin man recently discovered a brain on the shores of Samuel Myers Park in Racine.

James Senda was strolling the beach in search of sea glass when he eyed an object wrapped in aluminum foil and a pink rubber band. At first, he thought it was a package of drugs or money – so, naturally, he opened it. Inside, he discovered the brain, plus some pink flowers and foreign currency.

“When I first opened it, I think I was so shocked it didn’t click what it was,” Senda told CNN. “I walked up to city workers nearby and I was like, ‘Did I just find a brain?'”

It’s easy to understand his confusion; for starters, the gray matter kind of looked like an uncooked hunk of meat. (And, since it was found in Wisconsin, we’re all surprised it wasn’t made out of cheese.) It was a little bit larger than an extended hand and looked pretty fresh. Brains aren’t like flip-flops or plastic bottles or anything else that comes in on the tide; people don’t just lose them.

Before you attribute the adrift organ to a certain political figure whose name rhymes with “dump,” we’re sorry to break it to you, but police and medical examiners have since confirmed it belonged to an animal, though they’re unsure what kind. The going theory is that it was part of some kind of death ritual, given the flowers and the money, which some cultures believe the deceased can use in the afterlife.

No matter how you spin it, this has to go down as one of the creepiest shoreside discoveries ever.

“I’m glad I’m the one who found it,” Senda said. “Imagine a grandma or mom, or a kid that was playing nearby, was the one who saw and unwrapped it. I’m 47 and I’m freaked out about it.”

Cover Photo: CNN

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