AURORA, CO - MARCH 14: Chicken and Waffles at Blaze House BBQ on March 14, 2017, in Aurora, Colorado. Blaze House BBQ offers fast casual BBQ. (Photo by Seth McConnell/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

KFC Finally Wakes Up To The Wonders Of Chicken And Waffles

Photo: Seth McConnell/The Denver Post (Getty Images)

One of the greatest modern food combinations is chicken and waffles. The reason it’s so delicious is that it doesn’t seem like it should work. On paper, the combination looks ridiculous. First, you have your savory, salty, crispy chicken. Pair that with a fluffy, doughy, warm waffle and cover the whole thing with sweet, maple syrup and you’ve got the makings of a perfect meal. It shouldn’t work, but somehow it does. Kind of like how peanut butter and pickles or a kitten falling in love with a giraffe somehow works. There are certain cosmic alliances that we shouldn’t even attempt to understand. But, even though we all know the magic that is chicken and waffles, it was never available at the spiritual home of fried chicken: KFC. That is, until now.

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The Colonel’s favorite fried chicken announced this week that, for a limited time, it would be selling Kentucky Fried Chicken & Waffles to the delight of savory-sweet combiners nationwide.

“Our famous extra crispy, savory fried chicken atop a Belgian Liege-style waffle, with the finishing touch of classic Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup, makes for a scrumptious dish I’d put up against versions at upscale restaurants, but we’re offering it at a price just about anyone can afford. And it can be enjoyed at KFCs across the country for brunch, lunch or dinner,” said Andrea Zahumensky, chief marketing officer at KFC, in a press release.

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You can purchase this delectable combination of extra crispy fried chicken and thick Belgian Liege-style waffles until Dec. 31 at almost 4,200 restaurants across the United States for only $5.49. Or, if you’re feeling really squirrelly, you grab a sandwich featuring KFC’s “sweet-heat hot honey fried chicken” between two Belgian waffles for $5.99. Whichever way you get it, we think that’s a pretty sweet deal.