KFC Offering 11-Course Tasting Menu, That’s 11 Different Kinds of Diarrhea in 1 Meal

Photo: KFC of Australia

When you think of elegant, multiple course, tasting menus, there’s very little chance you think about KFC. In fact, the well-known fried chicken chain conjures completely different images. Instead of waiters, candles, and white table cloths, KFC forth images of us in a dimly lit living room, hunching over our coffee table while our face, hands, and most of our clothing covered in grease and gravy while we mindlessly gobble fried chicken, biscuits, and mashed potatoes and gravy. That’s exactly the type of experience you should expect from KFC.

That is unless you live in Sydney, Australia. That’s because, if you live in this southern hemisphere city, you can enjoy an eleven (count ‘em, eleven) course “Degustation” menu created in partnership with KFC and chef Nelly Robinson at Nel Restaurant.


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According to the KFC website, “Degustation” is a fancy way of saying that you’ll be eating “heaps of food.” If you find yourself in Sydney and you want to enjoy this cavalcade of calories, you’ll get the likes of “Supercharged” charred chicken wings, a potato and gravy course that probably doesn’t remotely resemble the mashed potatoes and gravy we all love, popcorn chicken with a celeriac soup, mushroom gnocchi that seemingly has nothing to do with KFC, an Original Recipe drumstick dusted with quinoa and gold, and more sauces than an average KFC meal requires. Also, they’re shaped like the Colonels face for some reason.