C’mon, Guys: Pennsylvania Man Intentionally Poops On Someone In Bizarre Road Rage Tantrum

Angry driver. Photo: Mac99 (Getty)

Seriously, when you think about why somebody or something would crap on you to prove just how upset they are, usually an infant or puppy would be the first culprit. Even then, neither would totally grasp why they’re doing such an awful thing.

According to WFMZ, a 69-year-old Pennsylvania man with a (supposedly) fully-functioning brain actually defecating on another human being during an epic bout of road rage last Friday morning. For his efforts, he is now facing a charge of harassment, which seems rather light (and ludicrous).

The old buzzard wasn’t even trying to plead insanity, which would at least make more sense: Accused Cop Killer Poops In Napkin Then Smears It All Over His Face

The fact that he’s only being hit with a harassment charge is damn near as shocking as the act of somebody shitting on another person solely because they’re upset with his or her driving ability. Then again, we’ve seen folks do more for less.

Well, Henry George Weaver of New Tripoli clearly doesn’t see it that way. He’s the “man” who allegedly thought pooping on another person at 8:45 a.m. at the intersection of Route 309 and Route 100 in Heidelberg Township was appropriate behavior for an adult human being. Police did not disclose what led to Weaver dropping trou (and then dropping a deuce) on the other driver. However, “because he’s an asshole” seems like an appropriate place to start.