Meanwhile in Pennsylvania: Drug Dealer Crashes Children’s Birthday Party With 38 Bags of Dope (That’s One Party Favor They’ll Never Forget)

A Pittsburg drug dealer is facing charges after stumbling into a children’s birthday party high out of his mind. 55-year-old Douglas Laedlein was arrested after the cops were called and determined he was stoned off a mixture of Xanax and meth, the breakfast of champions. After harassing the children’s party he was caught dancing in the road and the police were called.

The cops determined that homeboy was incredibly high and arrested him. During the booking process, police found 38 bags of dope on Laedlein, bet you can’t guess where he was hiding everything? Police also say he broke into a local home on top of everything else because, hey, it’s a free country.

Laedlein faces charges related to possession of a controlled substance, including possession of drug paraphernalia, as well as, criminal trespass. But somehow not child endangerment and that’s because he was able to hide that heroin way, way deep inside himself to keep it safe.

Cover Photo: Yuri_Arcurs (Getty Images)