Close up of a senior man experiencing stomach pain while having breakfast with his wife

Happy Valentine’s Day! Woman Poisons Partner, Robs Him While in Hospital With Explosive Diarrhea

Photo: Geber86 (Getty Images)

Maybe you didn’t have the best Valentine’s Day and that’s okay. Maybe your significant other forgot about you, perhaps you’re single and had nobody to share your heart-shaped peanut butter cups with, or there’s a possibility you cried yourself to sleep over a pint of chocolate mint ice cream. Either way, you probably didn’t have as big of a problem with love than one man in Spain did.

It started with a medical mystery. A 70-year-old man spent seven months in the hospital with explosive, chronic diarrhea. Doctors continuously attempted to heal him from his uncomfortable malady.

Here’s what would happen: He’d be admitted to the hospital, and he’d immediately get better in intensive care, but as soon as he went back to the normal ward he’d get worse again. Here’s the thing. There are no visitors in intensive care, but when he returned to the normal section of the hospital his partner was able to visit him.

Things got really tricky when relatives noticed over $100,000 drawn from his savings account. This led authorities to investigate and determine that his 56-year-old girlfriend was putting laxatives into his food at the hospital. Since he was always on laxatives, unbeknownst to him, his body wasn’t getting enough minerals and electrolytes that it needed to properly function. It can result in severe organ damage and, just like in this case, eventual death.

The moral of the story? Be careful who you spend your time with and who knows the password to your savings account. You never know if they’ll lace your foods with laxatives, causing explosive diarrhea until you die.


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