So Apparently Feeling ‘Hangry’ Is A Real Thing According To Science

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Hey, science says it’s true so it has to be.

Just like science said that eating ice cream for breakfast makes you smarter, they are now saying that feeling “hangry” is actually a real thing to feel. So feeling like you want to destroy everything in your path when you’re starving is a totally OK.


According to New Scientist, there seems to be a link between “blood sugar levels and the hormones that trigger aggression and anger – when your blood sugar’s low, your rage is high.”

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As scientist and columnist Simon Oxenham discovered, low levels of blood sugar prompt the body to release cortisol and adrenaline, two chemicals associated with heightened stress.

Add to that a spike in neuropeptide Y levels – a hormone that can be connected to aggression – and you’ve got yourself a cocktail of chaos.

So you know when you’re trying to figure out where your girlfriend wants to eat and she says “anything” but she really doesn’t mean that? You feeling super pissed is actually just you feeling “hangry.” Actually, it’s mainly due to your girlfriend being indecisive.

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Thanks, science!

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