Traveler Hides Gold Up His Butt to Avoid Paying Taxes, Worth It Every Way

Some people will do anything to avoid paying taxes – like making their butthole into a bank. We shit you not, though one man might be shitting gold bricks for a while.

Here’s what happened: a GoAir passenger arrived at Kerala’s Kannur Airport from Dubai last week. Authorities noticed him walking strangely, and upon investigation, uncovered around two pounds of gold inside his rectum. He’d shoved the stash up his ass to avoid paying an 18 percent tax. His, um, booty was worth approximately $60K.

The butt burglar wasn’t the only one playing hide-and-seek with a small fortune, either. Another passenger on the same flight was caught with more than three pounds of gold. No word on which orifice his treasure was hidden in.

We get it; taxes suck. But better to pay taxes than experience the humiliation of law enforcement literally mining your ass for gold.

Cover Photo: Commissionerate of Customs (Preventive), Cochin

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