A regular blue vintage gumball dispenser machine made of glass and reflective plastic with chrome trim filled with multicolored gumballs in a retro candy store background with pink striped wallpaper background

‘Dumbest Criminal Of The Week’ Award Goes To This Gumball Machine Thief

Photo: allanswart (Getty)

How dumb do you have to be to not only break into an animal shelter, but to attempt to steal a gumball machine? The answer? Very dumb. And the prize goes to this California thief who was caught on camera battling with a gumball machine that he really, really wanted for some reason.

The City of Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter recently shared a video on their Facebook that shows some guy crawl into the building through a small window at the bottom of a door. He then proceeds to try and steal the facility’s gumball machine but instead ends up making a mess, breaking glass and spilling the gumballs all over the floor.

Eventually he heads out into the shelter’s yard and throws the busted machine over a barbed-wire fence. Take a look at the hilarious video below set beautifully to the Curb your Enthusiasm theme song.

The shelter made sure to state that this guy completely missed the box of cash donations on the counter, and instead went for the machine filled with quarters. Brilliant move, buddy.

According to UPI, this guy hasn’t been caught yet, but you just know he isn’t smart enough to stay hidden very long.


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