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The Brian Laundrie Guide For Winning Every Time at Hide-and-Seek

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you now know the name Brian Laundrie. He’s the dude who embarked on a road trip with his fiancée Gabby Petito back in July with plans to document the journey on Instagram and YouTube. There’s just one problem: Petito turned up dead and Laundrie – who is now wanted on an arrest warrant – is missing.

Authorities are still filling in the timeline, but here’s what we know for sure: the couple had problems, enough that a stranger called the police on them in Moab, Utah, after witnessing Laundrie hit Petito on Aug. 12. Twelve days later was the last time Petito was spotted alive. Laundrie returned to his parents’ North Port, Florida home, where he lived, on Sept. 1, but disappeared again sometime around Sept. 14…though his parents didn’t report him missing for several days. (Way to give a guy a head start.)

Since then, authorities have been searching for Laundrie in the Carlton Reserve, where he allegedly went hiking (albeit without a phone or a wallet). Despite using bloodhounds for scent-tracking and drones for video, they’ve come up empty-handed (as far as we know).

As Chris Boyer, executive director of the non-profit National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR), told CNN earlier this week, “It’s really hard to find people even when they want to be found” in a nature reserve.

This intriguing mystery got us thinking about how to play the ultimate game of hide-and-seek, courtesy of America’s No. 1 douchebag. Read on to learn how you, too, can get lost.

Cover Photo: Moab Police Department


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