brian laundrie

Bald Men Are Buying This T-Shirt to Avoid Getting Confused With Fugitive Brian Laundrie

Brian Laundrie sure has messed life up for a lot of guys – specifically, the bald ones. As we previously reported, one Laundrie lookalike started a TikTok specifically to debunk any suspicions that he was the most wanted man in America.

In a further attempt to differentiate themselves from the douchey fugitive, dudes are buying up a T-shirt on Etsytees that simply states: “I’m just bald. Nope! I’m not Brian Laundrie.”

brian laundrie

It’ll only set you back $22.99 to buy this wearable billboard that, no, you are not in fact the suspected killer of Gabby Petito. The tee comes in 10 colors and in sizes small through 5XL (though if you’re that big, no one is going to confuse you for the slim, elusive Laundrie).

It’s unclear how many baldies were desperate enough not to be confused with the true-crime celebrity that they invested in this shirt, but we imagine demand will only increase until the authorities have Laundrie in cuffs.

Cover Photos: Etsytees / Moab Police Department



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