Close up shot of an unrecognisable man making food delivery, carrying takeaway paper bags.

Meanwhile in Arkansas: Cop Delivers Chinese Food After Arresting DoorDash Driver, Can’t Believe the Respect Paid

Police officers don’t get a lot of respect. Hell, many of them don’t deserve it. But one Arkansas cop got a taste of the kind of gratitude first responders used to get when he recently took over the role of a DoorDash driver.

It all started with a traffic stop. We don’t know what the DoorDash driver did, but it was bad enough to get him arrested. After cuffing the delivery man, the cop noticed a bag of Chinese takeout on the front seat of the criminal’s car. He figured out where the food was en route to and decided to drop it off himself in his SUV squad.

“Is there a Sherri here?” the cop asked when he arrived at apartment #4 and a man answered the door. “Can I talk to her?”

The man summoned Sherri and the officer addressed her from the door. “You DoorDash guy got arrested so I brought your food to you,” the cop explained.

He handed off the plastic bag and she thanked him. Of course, it was all caught on body cam video.

The next time you hear someone say that all cops are bad, refer them to this story. There’s at least one guy in uniform out there who’s willing to go beyond the call of duty just so you can get your egg rolls crispy and piping hot.

As for the cop, we bet he’s never heard “thank you” while on the clock before. We wouldn’t be surprised if, after this, he seriously considers a career change.

Cover Photo: Oscar Wong (Getty Images)