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Viral ‘No Tip, No Trip’ Video Explains Why Your Food Delivery Is Always Late

If you’ve ever wondered why your DoorDash delivery was late and your grub was cold, it’s probably because it got stuck in food purgatory. What is food purgatory, you ask? Well, it’s a place where the edibles of people who don’t tip go.

How do we know? Because a TikToker revealed that when eaters opt not to tip their delivery person ahead of time, no one volunteers to schlep the order to your door.

The viral clip shows a mountain of brown-paper-bagged delicacies in what appears to be a closet as well as a restaurant rack.

“These been sitting here for 4 hours because no dashers would take non tip orders,” TikToker @mrpanda1688 wrote on the video. “No tip no trip, the worker told me no dashers/Uber eats/grubhub went to get the order.”

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As with many things, the internet was divided on who was in the right – eaters who want to tip once they see what kind of service they receive or the delivery people who are hustling to make ends meet.

Here’s what the tight-wads had to say:

“Tipping culture is out of control,” one commenter asserted. “Only in America are we tipping 20% on a service BEFORE you get it, as well as paying 200% in fees. Ridiculous.”

“A tip is earned, not expected,” another opined.

“Half them orders is wrong anyway,” someone else joked.

On the other hand…

“Y’all bold af not tipping ppl that are unsupervised with your food,” one TikToker pointed out.

Here’s a solution:

“Just don’t consider it a tip. Consider it a bid to get your food picked up and delivered quickly,” one TikToker suggested.

So…if you don’t want lukewarm food that’s been sitting around growing bacteria (or soggy fries – blasphemy!) you should probably throw a few dollars on your total when you check out on the app. And if you can’t afford it? Go pick up your own damn food. Or make it yourself!

Cover Photo: TikTok