Posture-Correcting Bot Will Literally Smack You Straight, If You Don’t Already Have a Wife For That

Most of us could improve our posture. Working from home – and by that we mean, in bed or in a recliner – isn’t helping matters. If you’re too lazy to do the old-fashioned balance-an-apple-on-your-head technique, there’s a new age way to get your spine straight as a stick. It’s a posture-correcting bot and it will literally beat you into submission.

The “Tatequieto-bot” was invented by a Chilean man named Ionel Pop, who got sick of his own slouching while sitting in front of the computer. It works with infrared sensors that monitor your back. If your spine slumps, a wooden stick hits you on the head.

To add literal insult to injury, the bot curses you out as it slaps you over the head. A few of its choice phrases:
“Fucking damnit!”
“You know, I’m getting tired of monitoring your posture.”
“I am going to beat the shit out of you until you can sit properly.”
“Today’s forecast: Bumpy, with a chance of getting hit on the head by a robot.”
“One, two, three, four. I’m counting the number of contusions you will have after this.”

We’re unsure how effective this brutal method of posture correction is. At best, it might just teach you how to duck faster.

Cover Photo: YouTube

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