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10 Ways to Tell If Your Therapist Is Really a Well-Disguised Bot

Technology has given us many useful things. Rideshare apps. Smart toilets. Streaming services. But there are some areas where we have to wonder if technology is more harmful than helpful. One such area: mental health treatment.

See, the world’s first AI therapist is here, and she’s making the rounds on the internet (and in people’s psyches). Her name is SARAH and she’s beautiful, blonde, and thin (of course). She also has some skills that differentiate her from mental health chatbots (which are meant to be used in conjunction with traditional talk therapy).

Sarah can “recall previous conversations, detect emotions by sound vibration and calm users down by providing solutions,” a press release claims. “Moreover, SARAH can advise its users on the ways they can improve their relationship with themselves as well as pointers on how they can finally rid themselves of their negative habits and replace them with positive ones.”

We’re hesitant to ditch our old-fashioned, flesh-and-blood therapist for SARAH, but this news got us thinking: how does one know for sure your therapist isn’t a bot? We’ve scouted out the top 10 signs to look out for, so you can get the therapy you need from the human being (or bot) you want.

Cover Photo: John M Lund Photography Inc (Getty Images)

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