The Mandatory Tony Soprano Guide For Guys Giving Therapy a Try (In Honor of Mental Health Awareness)

As Mental Health Awareness month comes to a close, we’d like to say thank you to our emotional support pony, our jumbo jar of spirulina, and of course, our new therapist Wendy.

After a grueling year of lockdowns, financial hardships, tested relationships, and watching the world-at-large act like a dickhead, our mental health has taken a hit. But through it all, we’ve been given a chance to reexamine what’s really important and come to the realization that our own mental health is one key to a better world.

But let’s be honest: Therapy was not an easy pill to swallow. We fought it tooth and nail. But like a naked cold-plunge in our neighbor’s backyard ice tub, the experience ended up being incredibly rejuvenating despite initially making us want to curl up and die.

So in honor of this special month where mental health takes front and center, we’re celebrating those brave souls who have ventured forth into the dreaded cold-plunge of therapy (and those who need a nudge to jump in) with The Tony Soprano Guide For Guys Giving Therapy A Try.

Cover Photo: HBO

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