Jack Russell Terrier with money bags and dog house

Meanwhile in Tennessee: Wealthy Man Leaves Fortune To His Dog Lulu, House Cat Understandably Going to Mess That Furniture Up Big Time

Have you ever fantasized about what you would do if your wealthy uncle died and left you his fortune? How you would quit your job, buy a superyacht loaded with tigers and giraffes, and travel the world drinking only the most expensive champagne. Well, what if he left it to his dog instead? Now you know how the cat feels.

After 84-year-old Tennessee businessman Bill Dorris passed away last year, a surprising detail came to light in his will. With no kids of his own to leave his substantial fortune to, he decided to gift the entirety of his $5 million savings to his eight-year-old border collie, Lulu.

Now we know dogs are a man’s best friend, but Lulu must be one helluva pooch to have earned that kind of bread. In accordance with Dorris’s wishes, the $5 million will be placed in a trust to pay for Lulu’s dining and beauty expenses (makeover anyone?) and specifies that Lulu will now remain in the care of her dog sitter, Martha Burton (who receives a discretionary fund for her services).

When asked for insight into the unusual arrangement, Burton said, “I don’t really know what to think about it, to tell you the truth.” Then added, “He just really loved that dog. She’s a good girl.”

At 56 years of age (in dog years) Lulu is no spring chicken herself. Border collie’s average lifespan is only twelve years, which means Lulu may not have much time left on this earth to enjoy her newfound status as a millionaire. While many are wondering how she will spend her millions, we think the big question meow is: Who will Lulu leave her fortune to?

Cover Photo: PM Images (Getty Images)

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