Monkey Giving CPR Was Actually Recreating ‘The Sandlot’ Classic Scene

A monkey once deemed a hero has since been determined to have been, well, just monkeying around.

Recently, images of an African monkey performing CPR on a female friend circulated through the internet. You could hear the collective “Aw!” as people saw what they wanted to see: an altruistic ape with a heart of gold, performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on a fellow mammal.

But to any red-blooded man obsessed with the classic ‘90s baseball comedy The Sandlot, the scene looked suspicious. Who doesn’t recall the part of the boy-centric flick where Squints fakes his own drowning at the local pool so lifeguard Wendy Peffercorn will dive in, drag him to dry land, and perform CPR on him? It’s the most memorable scene of the film (and one that doesn’t hold up well in today’s #MeToo climate).

That’s why we’re not surprised that the photog who captured the primal pics is now backpedaling on what they actually reveal.

At first, William Steel, the shutterbug who shot the pair at the Gaborone Game Reserve in Botswana, thought the female was angling for attention. He saw her fall in “dramatic fashion” and thought she was trying to manipulate the male monkey. Now he’s convinced the male monkey was taking advantage of a vulnerable female as she lay prone, limbs splayed, on the ground. The male monkey wasn’t saving her life so much as stealing a kiss.

All we have to say is: typical. Dude, could you be any more of a cliché? Someone needs to school the animal kingdom on consent.

Cover Photo: William Steel/Solent News

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