Icons Of The ’90s: Then And Now

Photo: Columbia Pictures

Let us take you back in time …to a world of wonder! In a land full of denim, snap bands and bowl cuts, a society where rental movies were a thing (and even had to be rewound upon return), TGIF had an entirely different meaning. People had beepers, car phones, and answering machines instead of social media accounts. The ’90s were truly a marvel compared to today’s standards.

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Even with all of its differences from the present day, the ’90s still brought about some of the biggest heartthrobs and idols any adolescent could ask for. However, not all of them turned out to be a Will Smith, Jennifer Aniston, or Michael Jordan. So what exactly happened to some of the hottest celebrities (at the time) from that magical decade?


















By our count, that’s ten. Tell us, what other ’90s celebrities are you dying to hear about?




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