Weird News of the Day: Motorcycling Monkey Tries to Steal Kid, Most Unlikely Biker Gang Initiation Yet

Twitter never fails to entertain. This is especially true if you follow the account of Rex Chapman. This user posts daily content that ranges from hilarious to terrifying to both and his latest post is proof of that.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one. A baby is sitting with her group of friends when, all of a sudden, a monkey on a motorcycle drives up, punches said baby in the face, and then tries to kidnap her! That’s exactly what happened in this video and, TBH, we’ve watched it about 100 times and we laugh harder each time. Are we bad people? Yes. But can you blame us? Also yes. Regardless, this monkey is no Abu from Aladdin, that’s for sure. And, honestly, if you look close enough for long enough, the baby kinda had it coming.

Cover Photo: Theo Allofs (Getty Images)

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