Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda Cereal to Hit Shelves This Summer, May the Fiber Be With You

A few months ago, in a galaxy far far away from COVID-19, The Mandalorian dropped on Disney+ and the world was first treated to the meme-worthy, adorable 50-year-old tyke known as “The Child.” But, even though they don’t ever tell us what the little lad’s name is, the world has dubbed him “Baby Yoda.” While the Mandalorian himself is pretty badass and the show is action-packed, the tiny, sweet, green fella literally stole the show. Well, now he is about the steal your breakfast routine because this summer, while we eagerly await more episodes of the series, the world will be treated to Baby Yoda-based cereal.

Cover Photo: Walt Disney Company

General Mills took to Instagram on May 4 to announce the Baby Yoda-centric cereal as well as the artwork that will adorn the box. Obviously, this is big news. But, it’s also rather ambiguous. What we do know is that the limited-edition cereal will be available this summer and it will be made up of sweetened corn puffs and marshmallows. And since everything is better with marshmallows, we’ll overlook the fact that we’ll feel slightly bad biting into tiny, green marshmallow versions of Baby Yoda’s head.

While you wait to taste this new breakfast cereal, enjoy these Baby Yoda GIFs.

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