The Funniest Tweets About Trump’s ‘Frorida’ Flub

Typos happen. Especially on Twitter when you’re tapping out a short missive in a burst of rage. Ah, but there is no excuse for President Trump’s latest F-up, otherwise known as “Frorida,” which was trending at No. 1 on Twitter this morning. (He has since deleted the tweet – a first ever?)


It appears the man otherwise known as the person voting Americans trust with the nuclear warhead button can’t spell the name of his home state. And no, it wasn’t because he touched the wrong key. “L” and “R” are on opposite sides of the keyboard. Of course his fellow tweeters (who can spell just fine, thank you very much) had a field day – and we are here to round up the cleverest of comments. These are the funniest tweets about Trump’s “Frorida” flub.

Cover Photo: Pool / Pool (Getty Images)

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