Mandatory Drunk of the Week: Wisconsin Teen Passes Out in Cop’s Airbnb, Might As Well Handcuff Himself Next Time

We all know that whenever we get so blind drunk we can’t find our way home, the best advice is to find somewhere cozy to sleep it off. But what are the odds that the place you pass out in happens to be an Airbnb rented by a bunch of cops?

In a twisted version of Goldilocks, in which the blonde protagonist is replaced by a hammered teen and the three bears by cops, the story doesn’t end with a clean getaway. This time, instead of escaping through the window to never be seen again, the Wisconsin teen who broke into a rental house found himself in handcuffs (with three very amused policemen).

While no charges were pressed or citations given to the teen, the cops who were visiting Milwaukee from Montana for some police training had some words of warning. “What if that dude stumbled into a bed with a kid or my wife? I mean, it could have been a different morning, right?”

Thanks to social media (and the cop’s effort to show the sweeter side of law enforcement), the drunk teen’s epic fail has gone viral after the lawmen decided to share the events on TikTok.


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Back in the day, when you got blitzed out of your skull and did something incredibly stupid, no one ever had to know (except for the judge and court reporter). Luckily for us, now everyone knows. Good luck ever living this one down, Drunk Wisconsin Teen.

While the entire world thinks this is really hilarious, we’re pretty sure the drunk teen’s mom isn’t laughing. As for the party animal himself, he’s definitely learned his lesson. Next time you raid your parent’s liquor cabinet and pregame yourself into a blackout before stumbling away from the big party all by yourself, don’t break into a random house in downtown Wisconsin to sober up. You’re much better off sleeping in the park.

Cover Photo: TikTok

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