Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Get Pulled Over By Cops, Use It As Latest Excuse to Make Out in Public (God Are We Jealous)

If you’ve never experienced a new relationship so hot you can’t keep your hands off each other, walk a mile in Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s shoes. Because literally every few steps, the couple has to stop and make out.

We call this the “horny phase” and it usually lasts about six months. Just like a cow who lets out a death knell before its final breath, so the horny phase enters its hottest peak before extinguishing. But MGK and Fox have been going strong for a year, rewriting the laws of sexual physics, which might explain why Kelly and Fox were spotted making out on the sidewalk after being pulled over by the cops.

The couple was out joyriding on Kelly’s motorcycle in LA when cops switched the lights on the Cleveland rapper for not wearing a helmet. While Ohio allows motorcyclists older than 18 to ride without a nutcase, California does not. Also, no matter what state you hog, riders are required to have an actual motorcycle license. Turns out Kelly missed that part of motorcycle school.

No matter, the Hollywood couple used the traffic violation as the perfect opportunity to make out, before heading off to grab dinner where they, you guessed it, made out some more. Just like they did at the Billboard Music Awards and every other place on earth they’ve been to. Say what you will about Kelly’s rapping, there’s no doubt the man is a love machine (licensed or otherwise).

Cover Photo: MEGA (Getty Images)

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