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Machine Gun Kelly Reveals Clothing Line For People Who Love to Read

In case you’ve forgotten (or you just have good taste in music and therefore weren’t paying attention in the first place), Machine Gun Kelly has a new album coming out. It’s titled Mainstream Sellout and it features a whopping 16 tracks. But instead of announcing the song titles the old-fashioned way, through singles, music videos, or a press release, the 31-year-old rocker (and fiancé of Megan Fox) decided to share them in unique fashion – literally.

MGK teamed up with Dolce & Gabbana to create a line of custom shirts that all incorporate the different song titles. In addition to the text-heavy designs, the duds feature a ton of pink in addition to flames, paint splatter, leopard print, and spray-paint-esque lettering. There are also some bedazzled pieces, which begs the question: who gave this guy a glue gun? Seriously, though, for designer wares, these pieces look like something your kindergartener would come up if given the opportunity.

We don’t know what they retail for, and we don’t care, because these shirts are such fucking eyesores we should get paid to look at them. Alas, MGK will probably make gangbusters on ‘em because that’s the way celebrity fashion lines work.

For now, let us subject you to the torture that is MGK’s style in this scrollable slideshow. And, hey, stay out of our Spotify rotation and our closet, MGK. Thanks.

Photos: Getty Images