US House Candidate Gets Drunk and Vomits Mid-Rant at Pre-Teen Sleepover, And You Have Our Vote

You gotta love a politician who can let loose. Take Abby Broyles, an Oklahoma Democratic congressional candidate, for example. She’s accused of getting drunk, verbally attacking multiple pre-teen girls, and vomiting during a sleepover at a friend’s house.

According to NonDoc.com, the 5th Congressional District of Oklahoma hopeful went to a friend’s house on Feb. 11, where a sleepover was happening. Broyles allegedly had a little too much wine, then began insulting the middle schoolers in residence. Among the slurs she hurled at the girls were “acne fucker,” “Hispanic fucker,” and “judgy fucker,” making at least one of the tweens flee the room crying.

But that’s not all! Broyles then vomited into a laundry basket and (get this!) one of the girl’s shoes!

Of course, Broyles denied any of this happened. (Of course she did.)

“I saw the tweets. I have been out of town on a fundraising trip, and they are awful and offensive and false,” Broyles said in response to NonDoc’s reportage. “I mean, I get trolled on Twitter all the time, but I don’t know these women and I don’t know what is behind this, but it’s just not true.”

Then she threw a conspiracy theory in the mix: “I’m running for office. You don’t think this is a political attack? You don’t think this is something they cooked up?” Broyles said.

The weird thing is that in a different interview, this time with KFOR, Broyles admitted she was at the sleepover…and blamed her bizarre behavior on a medication that caused her to hallucinate.

“We had wine and sushi and a couple of hours later, we were upstairs in their theater room watching a movie,” she said of the evening. “For years I have struggled with stress and anxiety and insomnia…And she gave me a medication I had never taken before. And I had an adverse reaction. Instead of helping me sleep, I hallucinated. And I don’t remember anything until I woke up or came to, and I was throwing up in a hamper.”

Yet she still denies dropping all those F-bombs. “I would never ever say anything hurtful. I’ve never, ever would say something hurtful like those things. And that’s why I know I was not in my right mind. I know that that’s what happened because of that combination of things. And I deeply, deeply regret it,” Broyles said.

So, in the end, Broyles is just another politico talking out of both sides of her mouth. We really wish she would just own her behavior and confess to being a mean drunk. That, at least, we can relate to. And she’d definitely have our vote because of it.

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