Meanwhile in Texas: Security Guard Busts Out Martial Arts Moves at Mexican Restaurant (Ay, Caramba!)

Security guards aren’t often taken seriously. In fact, some call the glorified bouncers “paid witnesses” because they have little legal power and zero firepower. But one security guard at a Mexican restaurant in Dallas, Texas, showed a couple of troublemakers that they were not to be messed with.

According to Twitter user @LITIVATED, who filmed the following video, “I was tryna get in line for a table and security was already tryna kick dude getting hammered out, soon as they started shoving him out his wife started swinging on security about 3 times before I started recording, the rest of video follows.”

To break it down further: the security guard threw several punches at an intoxicated man, followed by a Muay Thai-style kick to the body. Then a blonde woman tried to intervene, attempting to hit the guard with her phone, but instead received a punch in the face as retaliation. (The woman’s male companion barely attempted to swat the security guard away.) Then the guard rushed through the doors to chase down the original offender.

The video quickly racked up over 3 million views (because people on the internet are awful).

We don’t know what kind of establishment El Pulpo is, but the fact that they employ an armed security guard in a bullet-proof vest is probably all the warning you need to stay away. That, or be prepared to bust out your best Mortal Kombat moves somewhere between your first margarita and your Mexican entree.

Cover Photo: Twitter

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