Harry Potter Mega-Fan Replaces Wands With Guns in ‘Dirty Harry’ Viral Video, Hollywood Can’t Believe They Didn’t Think of It First

Photo: Youtube.com/MightyMopar

If you’re anything like us, you’ve seen all the Harry Potter movies over the years and you don’t feel like watching them again. They aren’t bad, per se. There’s just only so much wizardry, muggle, and “he who must not be named” that we can handle. Plus, as cool as wands can be, they aren’t as badass as we like. Lucky for us, we can get stoked to watch Harry Potter again (at least in a small sample size) because someone went in and edited out all the wands and added guns instead. Thus, making it a completely different animal altogether.

The two-minute clip is called “Harry Potter and the Deathly Weapons” and it’s quite clear the movies (and books) would be much different, more violent, and more exciting with the addition of guns instead of wands.

To make the expertly edited video, a YouTuber called “Might Mopar” went through Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and found the best clips, removed the wands and replaced them with guns, and added some fake blood and gore for comedic effect. It’s so seamless, it took the editors five years to finish.

It’s not just handguns either; there’s a scene where one team wins a quidditch match by shooting its rival with a shotgun and another where Hermione is seen shooting an assault rifle, much to her teacher’s pleasure.

While the project was made as a tongue-in-cheek tasteless joke (and that’s exactly how it should be viewed), there’s a difference between humorous gun violence in the movies and gun violence in the real world. Guns in movies can be dramatic, exciting, and sometimes (in the right context) funny. In reality, that’s never the case. Luckily most of us can distinguish between the two.

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