Eating Nuts Makes Sperm More Robust, Study Says (So That’s Why Mr. Peanut Is So Cocky)

Nuts are a crunchy, tasty, often salty snack. They pair well with beer (if we’re being bad) or salad (if we’re being good) or trail mix (if we think we’re being good but actually being bad). We know they’re beneficial for our heart and brain health. But a new study suggests that men have yet another reason to chow down on the popular snack: superior sperm.

Research funded by the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council found that eating nuts can improve the DNA quality of sperm. This is the latest in a trio of studies that confirm that popping nuts on the regular can help your little swimmers go the distance.

A 2018 study from the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology studied 119 men and found that those who consumed 60 grams per day of almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts experienced boosts in sperm count, vitality, motility and morphology. In layman’s terms, they were more virile.

And yet another study by the American Society of Andrology and the European Academy of Andrology of 72 men found that those who added nuts to their diet experienced DNA alterations in their sperm that might make them more likely to fertilize an egg.

So now you know why Mr. Peanut is so cocky – though he shouldn’t be, because peanuts are at the bottom of the nut hierarchy when it comes to health benefits. (Technically, they’re a legume.)

And you have to take these studies with a grain of salt (which is how we happen to like our nuts anyway – sprinkled in sea salt to be exact) because they were all funded by “Big Nut,” which obviously has a vested interest in finding out good things about nuts.

Cynicism aside, how many nuts do you need to, um, nut more effectively? About 40 almonds, 40 hazelnuts or 20 walnuts a day – which is a pretty hefty serving. If you do add that many nuts to your daily diet, make sure you reduce your caloric intake elsewhere or you’ll not only have beefier sperm but a beer belly as well – and that will definitely not help you get laid.

Cover Photo: Noam Galai / Contributor (Getty Images)

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