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RANKED! Mandatory 2021’s Weirdest News of the Year

When the going gets weird, the weird get weirder. Don’t believe us? Just look at the past year. We all thought 2020 was as bizarre as life could get, but when the first week of 2021 started off with a Capitol Riot and only got crazier from there, we knew we were witnessing history. Remember when the QAnon Shaman refused to eat non-organic food in jail? Or when Jeff Bezos shot his dick-shaped rocket into outer space? How about the rise of bendy penises?

Ah, memories.

While it’s easy to want to shove away the events of 2021 like a plate of old spaghetti, sometimes it’s better to take stock of our mistakes so we can repeat them again next year. Louder. Faster. Weirder.

What better way to prepare for tomorrow than by ranking the weirdest news of today? As we say farewell to an unforgettable (and mostly regrettable) trip around the sun, let’s remember all the heroes who made 2021 the weirdest year yet. Please raise a glass as we toast to the real-life stories vying to be crowned the champion of weird in 2021.

Cover Photo: tihomir_todorov (Getty Images)


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