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Meanwhile in Indiana: Candy Shop Owner Dragged For Sexist Job Description (‘Splitters’ Need Not Apply)

It’s hard to find good employees. So it’s no wonder that sometimes employers get specific in their classified ads. But one candy shop owner in Indiana got super salty in his job posting – and took a ton of heat from the internet after it was deemed sexist.

It all started when Randy Good, owner of Good’s Candy Shop, posted a job notice on Facebook. In the now-deleted job description, he bemoaned how he’d had “poor experiences with certain types of employee behaviors, including laziness, manipulation, lying, and ‘worst of all combined, the splitters,'” according to the Kansas City Star.

We know what you’re thinking. WTF is a “splitter,” right?

Well, Good explained: “This is the person who talks about others in an attempt to split people apart and feel better about themselves…This my friends is poison in action. These misguided gals have no end game. It’s just spreading and stirring, all the while believing they are innocent. It’s such a common thing among girls. This is where toxicity and drama find their roots.”

He claimed that the splitting behavior was only evident in “girls,” who learned it from their mothers. And while his “splitter” employees of the past were often good workers, the splitting behavior was “hard to deal with.” (Dude, grow a pair.) Of course, he couldn’t help but add that the incurable splitting behavior was absent in boys, who “just duke it out!”

After more than 44,000 responses (the vast majority negative) accumulated on the job posting, Good removed it and replaced it with a less bitter version, asking simply that employees “work hard, be nice.” He also went on a lengthy FB diatribe about how he wasn’t being sexist at all. (‘Cause that doesn’t look suspect.)

We wish Good the best of luck with his employee search – though given the backlash, it’s going to be a bunch of dudes behind that chocolate counter for the foreseeable future. Let’s just hope they don’t break the display cases when they end up fist-fighting on the job.

Cover Photo: AaronAmat (Getty Images)



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