"Multi-coloured jelly penis candies - small, soft, squidgy and fruity !"

Meanwhile in Wales: Dad Storms Out of Candy Shop With Daughter Because of Obscene Treats (She’s Gotta Grow Up Sometime, Pops)

Photo: clubfoto (Getty Images)

If you’ve ever seen a bachelorette party drunkenly weaving their way through a nightclub or stopping in the middle of traffic in an attempt to get motorists to give the bride a congratulatory honk, you’ve probably noticed (on top the sashes proclaiming the “maid of honor” and “bride to be”) all of the gang or sucking on penis-shaped lollypops and munching on penis-themed confectionaries. You’re probably wondering where they buy these very strange food items? Well, one father in Wales found out and he had his ten-year-old daughter with him when he did.

Apparently, the father took his daughter to Cardiff’s Kingdom of Sweets during school holidays to pick up some treats. Previous visits had been normal with the duo enjoying their time perusing the various candies and treats. But this time, they were greeted with a very strange, and definitely unsavory display.

His daughter had been saving up money to buy some candy, but he definitely didn’t want her purchasing what this display held. That’s because the adult-themed centerpiece had candy with names like “Choc-clits”, “Jelly Super-Sperms”, and “Candy Blow Job Practice Willie.”

Needless to say, the father wasn’t happy with this discovery. If he had brought his daughter into an adult bookstore (he’d be a bad parent) he’d expect to find something like this. Not at a candy store.

He left the store quickly without purchasing everything. But not before voicing his disproval. Since then, the store has removed the display. It’s safe to say, this wasn’t the “treat” the pair were hoping to find when they stepped into the shop.


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