Meanwhile in Oregon: Man Finds Actual ‘Floor Is Lava’ in Cave Beneath Home, Really Could Have Used It a Year Ago Quarantining With Wife

What would you do if you came home to discover a secret lava tube hidden beneath your house? If you’re James Brierley, you’d probably curse out loud for not discovering it sooner when a secret cave would have been the perfect mini-vacation from quarantine coupledom.

James and his wife Suzanne bought the Bend, Oregon property in 2017 but had no idea what lay beneath the house until they tried to sell it. When the realtor mentioned the existence of an underground cave they went to go check it out and the Brierley’s discovered a massive tunnel formed by an ancient lava flow.

Because the cave is so extensive and naturally air-conditioned, we’re not ruling out the possibility that it’s Bigfoot’s summer home. Obviously, it would be the perfect underground highway for mystical creatures as according to NASA, Oregon sits on a network of lava tubes with four volcanoes currently under 24-hour watch because of the imminent potential to blow their loads.

These days people seem to be finding all sorts of weird “accessories” in their homes. From the lady who found a mummified baby in her Parisian apartment to the recent discovery of a prohibition-era liquor horde, there’s no telling what gems a home is hiding until you go poking around.

Whether or not a lava tube adds property value or not is a matter of some debate. We’d like to think it’s a hot home in a hot market.

As for the Brierley’s, they really hope whoever buys the home takes good care of the cave. Not only is it a perfect man cave, game room, meat-curing storage unit, and catacombs, but when the nearby Newberry volcano erupts, it’ll be the best place to roast marshmallows on the lava.

Cover Photo: Brian van der Brug (Getty Images)

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