Someone Filmed a Drone Crashing Into Volcano, And it’s Just as Crazy as You Hoped

Photo: Arctic-Images (Getty Images)

If you’re anything like us, the popularity of drones in the last decade is more of a nuisance than technological advancement. We see them buzzing around our neighborhood, lurking around public pools and beaches, and pretty much just flying around like annoying, privacy-destroying, attention-seeking robot jerks. When we see a drone, our first thought is that we wish that not only would the drone come close enough to us, but we also wish we had a metal baseball bat to smash it with. If the idea of watching one of these buzzing annoyances destroyed appeals to you, you’ll love the video of a drone exploding when a volcano erupted.

You probably saw footage of the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland. There were videos of people standing around it, some even cooking hot dogs or marshmallows over the molten fire. In order to get this close to the exploding, hot earth, many people turned to drones to get the best shots of the mayhem.

It was only a matter of time before someone else flew one of these drones into the fire-filled abyss and the footage is like flying into the heart of Mordor itself. It all happened when YouTuber Joey Helms was filming the lava field from his drone and attempted to get as close as possible to the eruption of Fagradalsfjall volcano.

But the drone got a little too close to the lava and, like a hand reaching up from below, a lava stream burped up and covered the drone. The signal was lost, but he was left with the unforgettable shot. Maybe in the future, Helms won’t fly as close to potential danger. But, if he does, he better hope he gets a video as great as this one.