Here’s A Guy Relaxing In A Hammock Being Carried By A Drone

Quadcopter Drone With Camera Flying Among the Trees. Photo: lorenzo tombola (Getty).

It’s the weekend, and that means you’ve earned your right to kick up your feet and relax for a whole two days before you inevitably have to go back to work. The best use of that time will hopefully be catching some Zs (and maybe having an adult beverage of your choice).

If you happen to have a hammock, the weekend is the perfect time to put it into heavy use. The guy in the following video exercised that idea, but was able to take it to a whole other level.

Guy Relaxes In Hammock Being Carried By Drone

The dude — who from this point forward we will recognize as a hero of modern relaxation — was able to strap a hammock to a drone powerful enough to lift him into the air, raising the bar for anyone trying to take a legendary nap.

The guy was floating over a town in the central part of Georgia — the European country, not the southern state — according to the Daily Mail. As you can see, he’s just chilling in his high-powered nap wagon, not giving a damn about anything.

Never mind that this guys is floating near some utility wires and over a church with a cross that could probably impale him — these things are meaningless when you’re a god among men.

h/t BroBible

And when you go back to that job on Monday, here’s hoping it’s as awesome as this one for Planetary Protection Officer that pays north of six figures.