Celebrate Your Own Vanity With This Air NEO Selfie Camera Drone

As a species whose only goal on this planet is to push the mortal envelope, we’re clearly running out of ways to entertain ourselves. So, what’s next? We could stop doing stupid crap and try something that’s actually fun. (Does that sound like a plan Floridians?) There are a ton of really wholesome ways to get a good laugh in, but none are truly as exciting as this awesome Air NEO Selfie Camera Drone.

There are drones and then there are extra spectacular, totally rad, in-your-face, lean, mean, flying machines. The AIR NEO is the latter, my friends. We’ll ease you into it by starting off with the flight modes. The drone is AI-powered, so it’s got a lot of smarts for something so tiny. Just give it a flawless toss and you’re on your way to a cool pic of you and your buds (or just you, headshots are expensive these days and drones are not). It will fly back home to you without a smartphone or controller connection, just by your musk (ew).

So, speaking of selfies, this baby is the king (or queen, we’re here for both). The AIR NEO has the ability to take wide-angle shots from 5 feet away, so the whole fam damily can find their way in. Tired of your brood? No sweat! Just cut them out by using the two close-up shots from 2.5 feet away, which takes advantage of that good old AI technology again to find you and your mug.

What’s truly spectacular about the Air NEO Selfie Camera Drone is its video capabilities. AIR NEO flies 2.5 feet away and shoots 15 seconds of hi-def video to catch the whole gang being wild and crazy (or boring, whatever man, it’s your party). And, if you need a more pano angle, you can also get an angle from 7.5 feet up that rotates 360° while shooting hi-def video to catch a permanent glimpse of your interior decor.

When you’re done, you can use the instant social media share tool on the AirSelfie app to let your friends know you’re having more fun than them.

Get the Air NEO Selfie Camera Drone for $159.95.

Prices subject to change.


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