Take to the Skies With 38% Off This Duo Drone Bundle

Once upon a time, when we heard the word “drone,” we imagined remotely operated aerial military equipment. However, the hobby has exploded in the last decade, likely because there’s a ton you can do with a drone. For one, they make catching aerial footage that would require a helicopter accessible. Folks are using them commercially for everything from crop farming to real estate.

So if you’ve been watching NFL games or live-streamed music festivals, you’ve undoubtedly been treated to sick top-down shots that a human operator couldn’t capture unless they sprouted wings. Interested in shooting this footage yourself? This two-drone bundle by Ninja Dragon can get your foot in the door (the air?), and it’s on sale for 38% off.

Let’s be honest. Mastering any new skill will require blood, sweat, and tears, and drone operation is no different. Luckily, Ninja Dragon designs its drones to be beginner-friendly, so they’re ideal for teens, kids, and anyone who’s a child at heart (we’re looking at you). This bundle comes with the Ninja Dragon Storm Z PRO, which features a five-way anti-collision system that helps you avoid obstacles. That’s a must if you’re new to the hobby!

The Storm Z PRO also packs quality-of-life features such as a one-key automatic return, gesture control to operate the drone using hand signals, and a headless mode that allows the drone to lift off without adjustments. It also features a dual camera system comprising one 4K primary camera for stunning landscape footage and a 1080p bottom-facing sensor for top-down footage. The 1,800mAh battery provides up to 12 minutes of flight time, which should be enough to get a quick snapshot of the event you’re capturing.

But it doesn’t end there! The kit also comes with a Blade X FX99PRO, which could be your backup once the Storm Z PRO runs short on battery. This drone has a 4K front-facing camera and a 720p bottom camera. Controlling the Blade X is easy — one-key take-off and landing make getting set up seamless, and the three-sided obstacle avoidance system scans for and avoids potential collision courses.

Want to sink your teeth into a hobby that can take you to new heights? For a limited time, you can save 38% on the Ninja Dragon Storm Z PRO and Blade X FX99PRO.

Prices subject to change.