Meanwhile in Australia: Bird Attacks Google Delivery Drone Invading Sky, But Don’t Worry, Dude Still Got His $12 Vanilla Latte (Video)

It turns out some people who drink coffee Down Under are too slothful to get their butts off the couch and it’s led to quite the standoff with local wildlife. This tense climate helps explain why a raven was caught on video attacking a Google delivery drone preparing to drop a cup of coffee to one lazy bloke in Canberra.

Though we too find it hard to move before we’ve mainlined at least six shots of espresso, even we have enough decent and self-respect to drag our unshowered and badly dressed bodies down to the local coffee shop to jack in properly and siphon off a half-gallon of bean juice before spending the entire day staring at a screen. That’s why we’re throwing our flag behind the ravens of Canberra who are currently protesting the influx of delivery drones polluting their airspace.

And you will too once you watch this inspiring video. With his flock egging him on, one heroic objector may have just become the Gandhi of winged beasts (sans the non-violence) after his fateful protest was broadcast to the world:

Though the drone survived the attack and managed to deliver its salted caramel, non-fat soy milk vanilla latte to the most shiftless man in Australia, Wing (the drone company owned by Google) suspended operations in the area indefinitely. Meaning, they might come back with bird-killing drones next week, but for now, the ravens are freer than the nether regions of a kilted Scotsman.

While it’s not the first time birds around the world have taken issue with maniacal drones invading their airspace (and it certainly won’t be the last), when it comes to the future of drone deliveries for one particular geezer in Central Canberra, to quote the raven, “nevermore.”

Cover Photo: YouTube

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