Nostalgia Alert: Relive ‘90s Daytime Classic ‘Supermarket Sweep’ on Netflix (And ‘Floor Is Lava’ Is ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ Ripoff)

We’re all about nostalgia for the ’90s. If we see snap bracelets at a bodega, you can bet we’re going to buy one and slap it right on our wrist for all to behold. We were stoked when we heard that Dunkaroos were going to be available in the U.S. again. We think the Game Boy is the pinnacle of hand-held gaming. We miss the voice saying “You’ve got mail!” on AOL. Most of all, we’re completely excited to learn that Supermarket Sweep is now streaming on Netflix.

Yes, you read that right. Supermarket Sweep, the highly addictive grocery store game show is finally available to stream on Netflix for your pre-HD, ’90s TV fix.

If you’re too young to have watched this groundbreaking game show (or perhaps you just forgot about it), it consisted of a round of trivia (in which the contestants got time instead of points). After this, each team ran around a grocery store attempting to collect the most expensive items in order to rack up the biggest bill. If they answered more questions, they had more time to complete this task. All this while we screamed with glee at our TVs at home.

We honestly don’t remember how long this show was even on TV as it seemed like we watched the same episode over and over again, but Netflix just dropped 15 tasty episodes. When you’re done, you can check out Floor is Lava, an entertaining Legends of the Hidden Temple ripoff featuring people climbing around rooms where the floor is “lava” (actually red-dyed water, but who cares).

Sorry, Dark, we’re going to binge Supermarket Sweep and Floor is Lava before we return to your German-based time travel thriller.

Photo: Lifetime Television

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