Answering the Age-Old Debate If It’s Smart to Wear Socks to Bed, Doctors First Promise It’s Definitely Not Sexy

Photo: Win Nondakowit / EyeEm (Getty Images)

There are two types of people in the world: those who wear socks to bed and those who don’t. The people who wear socks claim that they do it so their whole body can be toasty warm under the covers without any fear of waking up with ice-cold, frozen feet. The people who don’t wear socks claim that the covers themselves are enough to keep their feet warm and they can’t imagine sleeping with the constricted feeling of socks. But, who’s right? According to one doctor, there’s a clear scientific way to find out.

Doctor Jess Andrande recently took to TikTik to literally out the debate to bed. In a video that received more than 17 million views, she claims people who wear socks to bed are scientifically proven to fall asleep faster. If you’re anything like us, that’s not that answer you were hoping for. Wearing socks to bed is just about the least sexy look we can imagine.

In her video titled “Socks to Bed?”, the doctor says that wearing socks to bed makes your feet feel warm. Sure, we get that. But she adds that if your feet are toasty warm, this opens up blood vessels that cool the body down. Therefore, a cooler body tells your brain that it’s all set for a one-way ticket to snooze-town.

“The body being cool tells the brain that it’s time for bed,” she says. “So actually, people that wear socks tend to fall asleep faster.”

So, next time you think of slipping off your socks and throwing them in the hamper before bed, don’t. You just might get the best nights of sleep in your life.

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