Chilly? Try These Quanta Vici Smart Heated Gloves and Socks

“Chill” is your middle name for a multitude of reasons, but the most important is that you’re always cold. It’s okay, some people are just continuously freezing no matter where they live (or because of where they live). We get that, and that’s why we’re getting down with the Quanta Vici Smart Heated Gloves And Socks.

Okay, so let’s chat about the Quanta Vicis. Not only do they heat up to 130°F on a single charge, they do so for anywhere between six to 50 hours, as opposed to regular gloves and socks that stop working at the sight of water. In terms of functionality, the gloves include touch fingertips to use all of your smart devices and both items offer full dexterity, so you’re never bunched up where you need the most movement. As an added bonus, the gloves also include an RGB light, in case nighttime coziness is needed.

And, in case you need any more proof that these socks and gloves are smarter than you’ll ever be, you can scan the Quanta Vici app every so often to check the sensed temperature, as well as to change the precise temps. And, because of the built-in memory, the app will never forget what your fav setting is. This is a welcomed change of pace for you since you can’t even figure out the thermometer in your house. Don’t worry, we won’t make you feel too dumb about it (even though it’s literally just one button to increase the warmth).

Still unsure? We get that, so we’re calling in the big guns in the form of the 955 backers who donated $262,749.62 on Kickstarter and the 1,296 backers who did the same over at Indiegogo in the form of $351,733 to get this duo on the market. They think you’ll warm up to these super fast.

Get the Quanta Vici Smart Heated Gloves And Socks, which includes two pairs of USB-C charging cables, two pairs of rechargeable 7.4V | 2,200mAh batteries, one pair of socks, and one pair of gloves for $435 (Reg. $529).

Prices subject to change.