This Siberian Village Is So Damn Cold People’s Eyelashes Are Freezing

Photo: Amos Chapple (Getty)

These last couple of weeks have been brutally cold in the Northeast, so cold that people are layering and even considering staying indoors. But you know what? These conditions are summer compared to a small village in Siberia called Oymyakon. And why is that? That’s because this winter has seen this remote village with temperatures as low as -80°F. That’s right, kids, -80°F.

According to Bored Panda, Oymyakon is the coldest, permanently settled human habitation in the world. It’s so damn cold that students are actually still expected to go to school as long as the temperature doesn’t drop below -62°F.  Holy hell. Well, these folks probably wish it was as hot as hell.

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It’s so cold that people’s eyelashes are actually freezing, too.

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And even though it is an absolute nightmare to live here, there are still about 500 people living in this village. And guess what? These people still have to work and still have to get around in these garbage conditions.

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And these folks work outside, too.

If you’re wondering how this village came to be, Oymyakon was originally a waterhole for reindeer herders before it became a permanent settlement. And now many people still work outdoors as farmers and animal caretakers. Which means that if you were complaining this morning to get out of bed just be glad you didn’t have to get out of bed simply to walk into Oymyakon.

Then again, with only 500 people, maybe these folks are way happier than we are.

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But probably not.

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