Meanwhile in Texas: Woman Discovers New Deadly Parasite Burrowing Through Soles of Your Feet, Still No Excuse to Wear Socks in Bed

Covid-19. Extreme weather. Runaway moose. As if we needed another thing to freak us out when we leave the house. But thanks to one Texas woman’s barefoot strolls around her quiet neighborhood, we now have a burrowing parasite to worry about.

There’s no pretty way to say this. Strongyloides, a type of ringworm that likes to cozy up in the gut, thrive in poop. Even trace amounts of dog poop left out on the lawn or sidewalk can house the deadly parasite. And once tread upon, these ugly suckers can enter through your naked arches, make their way into your lungs, then ascend your windpipe to be coughed out into your mouth and swallowed, at last, to settle in your gut.


That’s exactly what happened to Reyes Ibarra and her sister, Monica, who live in an unincorporated town halfway between Austin and San Antonio. The tiny community sits on a septic system that’s seen better days, allowing a roving pack of Strongyloides to infect nearly one out of five residents. And unlike other parasites, these freewheeling bastards are the most deadly, especially when combined with steroids or other immunotherapies.

But fear of death still isn’t a good enough reason to wear socks in the sack. So if date night happens to coincide with a neighborhood breakout of Strongyloides, consider wearing combat boots or a tasteful heel to bed. That’s the kind of footwear that can both protect your defenseless tootsies and add a layer of traction to make this date night one to remember.

Cover Photo: LightFieldStudios (Getty Images)