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Nonstop Nut November Happily Takes Over No-Nut November For Best and Most Pointless Monthly Challenge

After an insanely long quarantine that left many of us unintentionally celibate, it’s no wonder that we’re all jonesing to get our rocks off now. Thus, it should come as no surprise that No Nut November has turned into Nonstop Nut November, if only for this year.

If you’re out of the loop on what any of this means, allow us to explain. For years, November was defined by the internet challenge encouraging dudes to abstain from any kind of ejaculation, be it with a partner or just their own hand. Some have cast it as a health movement (though some say holding in your jizz could be related to prostate cancer) while others inject the annual tradition with all sorts of moral bullshit.

“The No Nut November movement is a recruiting tool for the anti-porn groups and is based upon deeply misogynistic, heteronormative and antiquated ideas of masculinity and sex,” clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist Dr. David J. Ley told InsideHook last year. “By promoting the idea that self-control, manliness, morality and virility are best demonstrated by abstinence, this movement replicates the ideas of the late 1800s, when Kellogg invented Corn Flakes as an anti-masturbation food. People who don’t have sex are not better at self-control than other people, and resisting masturbation doesn’t make you a better person or a stronger man.”

This year, whoever runs the internet has decided that a better challenge is to see how often you can come until the calendar flips over to December.

Suffice to say, men are totally down for this dare.

To partake, Urban Dictionary entries claim you need to blow your wad at least once, and up to thrice, daily. Just make sure you have consent and something to clean up with.

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