Meanwhile in Texas: See What Happens When a Family Drinks 12 Gallons of Milk Each Week

Seriously. What happens when a family goes on national television to complain about inflation by asking how they’ll afford the precious 12 gallons of milk they drink each week? Hint: Twitter goes apeshit with the meme machine and we all have some cookies.

It’s not that people are unsympathetic to the woes of inflation. Everyone is feeling the full-court press of rising costs while simultaneously grappling with stagnant wages and a woeful lack of dead-rich-uncle windfalls. It’s a hard time for most (not you, rich people), which is why trolling strangers on Twitter is technically the only thing keeping this Republic afloat. But the story of one Texas family exposing their ungodly milk habit is the hilariously absurd reality of where inflation and runaway consumerism collide. Here’s the scoop.

CNN visited the home of Krista and Larry Stotler, who, with their 9 kids are somehow supposed to represent the average middle-class family’s struggle with inflation. The Stotlers invited camera crews on a weekly trip to the grocery store to show how the rising cost of goods is threatening their tenuous lifestyle (which was already skating on razor-thin margins because of the pool and stylish red cups). This slice of life setup had the sympathy machine purring nicely when out of nowhere, the Stotlers revealed their mammoth milk intake.

And of course, the buttermilk bombshell was the perfect setup for Twitter to do some serious dunking. And boy, did the Stotlers get creamed.

The segment’s host Evan McMorris-Santoro (who has about as much on-camera charisma as a wax statue), jumped on Twitter to berate the trolls poking fun at the Stotler family’s dairy woes. And while he’s right that the middle-class is being gutted, the future is looking dicey for average Americans, and inflation is a bitch, he may have picked the wrong family to illustrate his point.

Hey, we’re not taking sides here. But Twitter sure is. So open up that gullet and get ready to chug some milk memes care of the Texas Stotlers.

Cover Photo: Vladimir Serov (Getty Images)


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